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Latest TV Appearance

My first TV appearance in a while… Watch my  interview on TastyTrade, the fastest growing Financial Network in the galaxy:

Did you know…

The Mixmastered Group has evolved from Dan Morrell’s passion for the music industry. Being a fan of music and entrepreneurial endeavors since childhood, in his college years Dan leveraged his career as a market 3 radio DJ into an extremely profitable and legendary nitelife marketing and promotions company, Mixmaster Throwdown (a/k/a MMTD) in 1997. (more…)

Rusted Root – Ecstasy Live

Rusted Root is an alternative rock standby, a summer festival regular, and a huge thrill for their fans. Recently, they performed live for Telefunken.

I’ve been a big fan of Rusted Root since college days so I am taking part in their Indaba Music mix contest. My intent was to have fun working on music that I love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making  it!

Rusted Root – Ecstasy Live (Dan Morrell Mixmastered Remix)

Sunday: Watch for me DJn on NBC – PRIMETIME

NFL Sunday: Watch for me on NBC’s Madden 13 Pro-Am Celebrity Flag Football Game 7PM EST

I’ll be mixing in the DJ booth directly under the scoreboard… DON’T BLINK YOU MIGHT MISS ME :)

NFL GREATS: Lance Briggs, Matt Forte Marcus Allen, Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre, Michael Irvin, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, Michael Strahan

CELEBRITIES: Terry Crews, Ne-Yo, Jesse Williams, Nick Jonas and more

Cancer Care Challenge

Cancer Care Video Challenge

Dan Morrell Remixes and Original Production

Here is a collection of tracks produced, remixed, by DJ Dan Morrell. Download remix mp3 and album art of all the songs remixed free.

My New Company’s Press Release

Friday August 3, 2012

CONTACT: Dan Morrell, Owner
(800) 649-6278


Chicago, IL – State of the art audio equipment may cost as much as a new car, but the listening environment cannot be perfect without proper acoustic treatment.

Custom Acoustic Sound PanelWhy? Because the room is not acoustically balanced. Custom acoustic sound panels and bass traps improve the sound quality by balancing the harmonics of a room.

Those color rectangles hanging on the walls of serious sound studios are sound absorption panels. Dan Morrell, owner of Mixmastered Acoustics, , said the panels are not just a decorating accessory. They are necessary. “The panels are placed to cover trouble spots,” he said. “When placed properly, a serious audiophile will notice an immediate difference and improvement in the quality of sound coming out of his speakers. If not placed properly, the panels can make matters worse or have no effect at all.”

Mr. Morrell said he doesn’t understand why someone will spend thousands of dollars on the best audio gear and not spend anything to improve the room. (more…)

The Best Thing For Your Studio

Mixmastered Acoustic Panels eliminate sound problems and not only make recording studios, home theaters, and auditoriums sound amazing, but they look stylish too. (more…)

Want A Dan Morrell Mixmastered Remix?

If your song is already a hit but you want a remixed version to appeal to a broader audience our producers have the major label remix experience to make a remix of your song worthy of the top of the EDM, Dance, Electro and Club charts.

Custom Remixes are as little as $500. Contact MIXMASTERED STUDIOS for a FREE estimate today!

You Oughta Know BETTER (Dan Morrell Mixmastered Remix)

Did you know this song was written about Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey from Full House)? How do you explain that one to wifey??? Another remix from Rockstar DJ Dan Morrell of the 90′s Classic You Oughta Know.

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